In 1991, Myron Child founded “Kids Making Miracles”, a program designed to build a new Portland, Oregon children’s hospital and to help its young patients. Each year since then, thousands of motivated students from approximately 400 elementary, middle, and high schools in Oregon and Southwest Washington have actively participated in this program, engaging their schools and communities in innovative service and fund-raising efforts generating millions of dollars to support Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and its young patients and their families. Under Myron’s leadership, the Kids Working Wonders Foundation (“KWWF”) is replicating this highly successful program nationwide! Read more!

Carrying the Torch From the NW
to the Rest of the Nation

KWWF connects and supports children’s hospitals and local community schools using the Foundation’s successful time-proven service platform to bring students into a service alliance with the hospitals and schools. This alliance offers students transformative, life-changing fundraising and service experiences. It helps them grow in character in an environment where they experience the power of serving others, while learning valuable lessons about hope and compassion, communication, organization, and leadership.

Our goal is to bring the positive impact resulting from the enthusiastic efforts of thousands of inspired students at Kids Working Wonders to the rest of the nation.

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Myron Child started the successful Kids Making Miracles in 1991. This program is very successful for Portland Oregon’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. He is now taking this successful program to Children’s Hospitals nationwide. Watch this video to see what the program will do.

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